Shutter Speed

Volgende situatie herkenbaar? Je maakt een foto op een slecht verlichte plek, en je foto's zijn bewogen of onderbelicht? De sluitertijd van je camera heeft ...
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Cameras are built to make good photos in auto-mode. Almost every time, your camera will deliver a sharp, well illuminated photo. But is it the best way ...
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Loop Verlichting

Loop Lighting

De 4th classical style of lighting is Loop lighting. Loop lighting is, just as Butterfly lighting, named after the shadow that the light pattern creates ...
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Split verlichting

Split lighting

Split lighting is the 3rd classical style of lighting that i am going to discuss with you. Do you remember what the previous styles where? If not, check ...
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Butterfly verlichting

Butterfly lighting

In the previous article, we talked about Rembrandt lighting. A different type of light is Butterfly or also called Paramount lighting. This is also ...
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Rembrandt light

Rembrandt lighting

Photography is about catching light. To make a good photograph, it is important to: Have a sufficient amount of light. Direct the light ...
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Fotografie artikelen

Photography articles

Welcome to my blog. I will publish at a regular interval articles on the knowledge I have obtained over the years on the different aspects of photography ...
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